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Preparing your home for Sale

As soon as you make the decision to sell your home, you need to look at your asset in a different way. No longer just the place where you and your family live, your home is now a product that you need to market and present to your potential buyers. Showcasing your home is all […]

How To ‘Set and Forget’ Your Garden

September is a perfect month to prepare your garden to cope as summer approaches. Having a well-presented and appealing garden can be easily achieved and doesn’t have to be a daily, or even weekly chore. Invest a little time now in getting organised and then you can ‘set and forget’ your gardens to look after […]

Why we use a professional Photographer?

To capture a buyers attention and sell your property faster. Photographs that are poor or less than flattering can deter buyers, leading to fewer leads and offers. In real estate, good pictures – great pictures – are worth more than a thousand words – they can be worth thousands of dollars. A photograph is almost […]

Getting A Jump On The Spring Market

The spring market a hot topic right now with homeowners who are thinking about selling. Listing your property in the spring market is the traditional approach due to the fact that the weather is starting to get better. Gardens can normally be made to look their best and all in all I think our properties […]

Renovating property in a flat market

How much is too much to spend on a renovation in a flat market? We are in our 11th year of our property makeover business and I have only seen this type of market twice!   Right now we are looking at a different return on investment approach to the last few years. At this […]

A declining Market? – July 2018

New research suggests that property investors may hold onto an asset in a declining market for longer than they should out of fear of making a loss. Such a decision can be especially financially damaging for highly leveraged investors who bought at the peak of the market with the expectation that prices would keep rising. […]

Interest Rates – June 2018

Australian Market Update A senior Australian economist has offered up a number of compelling reasons why interest rates won’t increase until 2020. AMP Capital chief economist Dr Shane Oliver noted that theReserve Bank of Australiahas left rates on hold for 21 months already and predicted it would be another 19 months before it would increase […]

First Home Buyers – May 2018

AUSTRALIAN MARKET UPDATE Moves by some states and the federal government to offer buyers cash incentives  towards their first home may actually be throwing fuel on the housing affordability fire. Public policy think tank, The Grattan Institute, has concluded that policies to help first-home buyers and improve housing affordability may actually be making the housing […]

Affordability – April 2018

Australian Market Update: Property prices in many state capitals now rank among some of the world’s priciest, with Australia’s five biggest cities named as ‘severely unaffordable’, according to Demographia, an international housing affordability think tank. In its 2017 annual report, the group ranked Sydney the world’s second least affordable city, with house prices almost 13 […]

Property Investment Platforms – March 2018

AUSTRALIAN MARKET UPDATE Soaring house prices around much of the country in recent years, especially in our capital cities, combined with stagnant wages growth, have made the dream of owning a home a distant reality for many Australians, with first homebuyers struggling to get into the market. To combat the problem, a number of fractional […]

Australian Market Solid To Strong – February 2018

Australian Market Solid To Strong In Most Areas Outside Quieter Sydney & Melbourne. ABC News spoke to a number of industry experts to see what they believe the new year has in store for the property market. While the pundits agreed that Australia’s real estate boom is over, it’s definitely not all doom and gloom. […]

Australian Market Moderates – January 2018

Welcome back to a brand new year. Recent reports seem to unanimously suggest that Australia’s housing boom is coming to an end, however it appears it will be a soft landing rather than a property market crash, according to HSBC’s chief economist for Australia, Paul Bloxham. He suggests that “a hard landing is possible, but […]

Balanced Market – December 2017

The Australian Scene: As the year draws to a close it certainly appears that the property boom that much of Australia had still been riding until earlier this year has come to an end, which while negative for many, spells positive news on the housing affordability front. The upshot is likely to be a more […]

Strong Growth – October 2017

Australian Scene According to AAP, home prices across Australia’s capital cities, based on median sales prices in each market and potentially skewed by more higher end sales and fewer mid and low market sales, have continued to increase, rising an average of 10.2 per cent in the year to June, thanks to strong growth in […]

Housing Density – September 2017

AUSTRALIAN SCENE BankWest recently published its 2017 Housing Density Report which reveals long-term trends in Australia’s housing density by examining the nation’s dwelling approvals over time. It looks at trends at a state and capital city level by monitoring the number and proportion of medium density dwelling (units, townhouses and apartments) approvals compared to total […]

Contemplating a Sale – July 2017

If you’ve been contemplating a sale, there is some indication from experts that now may be the ideal time to sell up and capitalise on growth markets. With growing concern from economists that Australia’s housing market is in a bubble and has reached its peak, there’s a feeling that a significant correction is imminent, especially […]