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Why we use a professional Photographer?

To capture a buyers attention and sell your property faster.

Photographs that are poor or less than flattering can deter buyers, leading to fewer leads and offers. In real estate, good pictures – great pictures – are worth more than a thousand words – they can be worth thousands of dollars.

A photograph is almost always the first element in any advert that connects with the buyer. It is the first impression, the thing that cuts through the visual clutter to capture the buyer’s attention. Be it digital or paper, the marketing campaign to sell your property relies on the quantity and quality of the photographs of your home. Photographs are needed for websites, flyers, sign photoboards, newspaper adverts and online campaigns, etc. Many times, buyers will decide if they will view a property based on the strength of the photos accompanying the listing.

We use a professional photographer to capture your property in the best light possible. Quick snap shots using a mobile phone or small digital camera can not compare to the wide angle, well lit and straight lines that come from a professional photo.

Before our photographer arrives we recommend following these quick tips to get the most from your photoshoot or virtual tour:

  • Neatly arrange all your furniture and artifacts
  • Declutter and remove all unwanted items from the lounge area and bedrooms, old magazines etc.
  • Remove photos/magnets on the fridge and clear the kitchen bench clutter.
  • Fruit or flowers make a welcoming touch in the kitchen.
  • Give your house a good clean, wipe away marks on walls, windows and blinds. Vacuum the carpet.
  • Hide electrical cables and unwanted hanging wires.
  • Make sure all lights work and turn them on including lamps.
  • Put out clean, bright matching towels in the bathroom and remove personal items from in and around the shower, including bathmats and kids toys.
  • Remove personal items from bedside tables.
  • Sweep outdoor area and wipe outdoor furniture – don’t hose outdoor areas unless there is enough time for them to dry.
  • Mow lawns, trim edges and weed gardens.
  • Put rubbish bins out of site.

Remember to present your home in the same way at the Open House as you present it in the photographs.

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